7 Health ‘Facts’ debunked

Eating turkey will make you sleepy The story goes that during Thanksgiving everybody craves a nap since turkey contains tryptophan, an amino acid that is a component of some of the brain chemicals that induce a relaxation state. Still this is not the reason for our siestas. A lot of foods contain tryptophan, for example […]

Adults that learn to read rewire deep parts of their brain in just 6 months

Illiteracy is one of the world’s problems which stops millions of people to live a normal life ar different ages. Recently scientists discovered that learning to read in your adult life triggers some changes at a neurological level, helping the brain to rewire itself till its deepest parts. The assumption until now was that usually […]

Horseshoe Crab Blood Farms

Those are actually horseshoe crabs and we humans are in fact harvesting their blood, which is blue, like a seasonal Mountain Dew flavor sold in Hell’s worst bodega. Actually horseshoe crab blood is blue because it contains a lot of copper. They use that particular mineral to do the job that iron does in human […]