Are You Intelligent Enough? – Test Your IQ #2

1. MEANDER: WIND TRAVERSE: a) stampede b)forward c) across d) retrace e) towards 2. What familiar phrase is indicated below? 3. Comparison 4. Solve the three anagrams to complete a quatation by Confucius. Clue: Save something for a rainy day. 5. Grid Each of the nine squares in the grid marked 1A to 3C should […]

BrainStack Games

DoYouKnow #1 In an atomic explosion, enormous energy is released which is due to A. conversion of chemical energy into heat energy B. conversion of mechanical energy into nuclear energy C. conversion of mass into energy D. conversion of neutrons into protons   DoYouKnow #2  What are the soaps? A. Salts of silicates B. Mixture […]